The Great International Day – Strategies for the New Media Markets

Thursday, October 9, 10.00-17.00 hrs,

By the Chamber of Industry andCommerce of Cologne, in co-operation with the City of Cologne and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and HMR International

In order to generate added value, traditional media companies have to develop ways of strategic and content networking with international partners. Taking a look at the international media landscape it appears particularly promising, to develop program co-operations with the big markets from China, Turkey and Brazil. The countries’ enormous audiences and their rapidly growing program needs make these markets of great interest, especially for German program executives.

THE GREAT INTERNATIONAL DAY shows how the three markets work and additionally provides connections of relevant media entrepreneurs from there and German program executives to explore potential future collaborations.

Host: Angela Spizig, Cologne

10.00 hrs, Welcome
Ute Berg, City Councillor for Economics and Real Estate of the city of Cologne
Dr. Arnd Klein-Zirbes,  Head of Communications & Public Relations IHK, Cologne

10.30–11.00 hrs, Keynote
The Turkish Media Market – Potentials for Cooperations with German Partners
Anthony Sak, International Sales & Marketing Manager, iTVF, Istanbul

11.00–11.30 hrs, Presentation
Best Practice Turkey – Ay Yapim
Fatma Sapci, Head of Acquisitions & Sales, Ay Yapim, Istanbul

11.30–12.00 hrs, Coffee Break

12.00–12.30 hrs, Presentation
Best Practice Turkey – Kanal D/Dogan TV Holding
Özlem Özsümbül, Head of Sales & Acquisitions, Kanal D, Istanbul

12.30–13.00 hrs, Keynote
The Chinese Media Market – Potentials for Cooperations with German Partners
David Guo, President, International Eco-Film Promotion Association, Peking

13.00–14.00 hrs, Lunch Break

14.00–14.30 hrs, Presentation
Best Practice China – Shanghai Media Group
Chen Liang, Executive Vice President, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai

14.30–15.00 hrs, Presentation
Best Practice China – Sichuan Radio and Television
Zhong Xuzhao, Vice President, Sichuan Radio and Television, Chengdu

15.00 – 15.30 hrs, Coffee Break

15.30 – 16.00 Uhr, Keynote
The  Brasilian Media Market – Potentials for Cooperations with German Partners
Diler Trindade, Producer, Diler, Rio de Janeiro

16.00 – 16.30 Uhr, Präsentation
Best Practice Brasil –TV Globo
Flávio Rocha, Content Artist Director, TV Globo, Rio de Janeiro

16.30– 17.00 hrs, Presentation
Best Practice Brasil – Conspiração Filmes
Leonardo Barros, Partner & Producer, Conspiração Filmes, Rio de Janeiro