The Great Virtual Reality Day

Back in the 1990s, virtual reality was already a widely discussed issue, but never arrived on the mass market. A lot has come to pass since then: innovative VR ideas are now enabling new ways to use the technology and are spawning special forms of narration. But what exactly is VR capable of today, and how can it already be applied? Which kind of content is required to create high-impact VR experiences? THE GREAT VIRTUAL REALITY DAY presents successful VR projects, showcases strategies for seamless and gainful VR integration in a multimedia context, and points out ways for content creators in Germany to benefit from these new opportunities.

All participants are also invited to gather more personal VR experience and try out the SAE Alumni Conventionʼs VR PARCOUR at the Palladium Cologne, located right next to the “heute-show” studio.

Host: Jochen Voß, Cross Media Producer, Prime Productions, Cologne

10–10.15 a.m., Welcome

10.15–10.45 a.m., Introduction
State of the Art – How to Create Impactful Virtual Reality Experiences
Kiko Pautasso, Managing Partner &samhoud Germany GmbH

10.45–11.15 a.m., Keynote
Virtual Reality – Legal Business as Usual?
Elisabeth Noltenius LL.M., SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte, Munich
Dr. Martin Diesbach, SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte, Munich

11.15–11.45 a.m., Coffee Break

11.45a.m.–12.30 p.m., Case Study
The VIVALDI EXPERIMENT – Not Your Standard Concert!
Stefan Domke, Online Content Creator, WDR, Cologne

12.30–2 p.m., VR PARCOUR, SAE Alumni Convention, Palladium, Cologne

2–2.30 p.m., Keynote
Transmedia Storytelling – 360° Stories on All Platforms and Devices
Nicolas Chibac, Founder, SpiceVR, Hamburg

2.30–3 p.m., Case Study
VR & Games – Immersion is Everything
Marc Richardson, Tech Evangelist, Microsoft, London

3–3.30 p.m., Keynote
Cinema Goes VR – What will Film Look Like in the Future?
Timo Johannes Mayer, CEO, LAUSBUBEN FILMS, Stuttgart

3.30–4 p.m., Coffee Break

4–5 p.m., Closing Panel
Christian Beetz, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion, Berlin/Hamburg/Cologne/Lüneburg
Gundolf Freyermuth, Director, Cologne Games Lab, Cologne
Thomas Hallet, Head of Science Department, WDR, Cologne
Michael Lehmann, Managing Director, Studio Hamburg Produktion Group, Hamburg
Sebastian Züger, Executive Board Member, First German Business Association for Immersive Media, Cologne

5–6 p.m., VR PARCOUR, SAE Alumni Convention, Palladium, Cologne

7–9 p.m., SAE Alumni Awards, E-Werk, Cologne