International Day

Alongside this year’s Film Festival Cologne on the 14th October, there will be an International Day taking place from 14.00pm to 17.00pm. The day will represent city partnerships and engage in areas such as Media-, Digital-, Culture- and the Creative Industries. The event will be held at the Historic Town Hall of Cologne in cooperation with the City of Cologne, CologneAlliance, NetCologne, and the Chamber of Commerce Cologne.

The event aims to provide a platform for media, digital, cultural, and creative networking amongst the partner cities and Cologne.

In addition to a best practice presentation incorporating the successful digital partnership with Tel Aviv, there will be representatives inter alia coming from Rotterdam, Barcelona, Cork, Oslo and Beijing introducing further involvement in relevant areas. Furthermore a near to 20-man cultural and economic delegation is to be expected coming from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Following the event there is a ‘small Cologne city reception’.

Host: Jörn Behr, Moderator, Cologne

14.00-14.15 hrs, Welcome
Ute Berg, Head of the Department for Economic Development and Real Property, City of Cologne

14.15-14.30 hrs, Awards
Presentation of the Cologne Clip Awards

14.30-15.15 hrs, Presentations
Cologne: City of Content and Creativity
Claudia Burger, 2. Chairwoman, CologneAlliance, Cologne
Hartmut Schulz, musikpunkt koeln, Cologne
Mathias Härchen, Deputy Director, Head of Venture Facilitation, Chamber of Commerce Cologne

15.15-15.45 hrs, Best Practice
Cologne – Tel Aviv: Role-Model for Successful Digital Partnerships
Uzi Scheffer, General Manager, SOSA, Tel Aviv
Frank Risse, Referent, Mayor’s Office of the City of Cologne

15.45-16.15 hrs, Best Practice
Oslo: Center for Creative Industries
Dagfinn Koch, Composer, Oslo

16.15-17.00 hrs, Concluding Panel
Come Together Right Now: Potentials of Digital and Creative Partnerships
Claudia Burger, 2. Chairwoman, CologneAlliance, Cologne
Claudia Nussbauer, Head of Department for Creative Industries, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, and industry of North Rhine-Westphalia
Sabine Pakulat, Member of Councel of the City of Cologne
Roland Berger, Head of Media and Internet Department, City of Cologne
Dagfinn Koch, Composer, Oslo

17.00-18.00 Uhr, Reception hosted by the Mayor of the City of Cologne, Henriette Reker