Oscuro Animal

Feature Film | AR, CO, DE, NL, GR 2016 | 90’ | without dialogues

When the civil war in Colombia spreads to another jungle province, three very different women decide to flee the region: a farmer leaves her home just as she notices the paramilitaries closing in on her residence from all sides; the concubine of a paramilitary leader kills her brutal oppressor and escapes; and a rebel fighter deserts in the face of the atrocities done by her fellow combatants. All three are swept away on a dangerous journey through a chaotic and war-torn country – and encounter masses of fellow sufferer. For his German-Colombian co-production, which has already gained many international awards, director, author and producer Felipe Guerrero chose a unique narrative structure: Without any dialogue or music, with only laconic, serene images, he gives us an understanding of the thoughts and decisions of these brave women who desperately fight for their lives, their dignity and their sanity. A gripping and unforgettable masterpiece.

Felipe Guerrero
Marleyda Soto, Luisa Vides Galiano, Jocelyn Meneses
Felipe Guerrero, Gema Juarez Allen, Ingmar Trost, Marleen Slot, Vicky Miha
Fernando Lockett
Eliane Katz
Roberta Ainstein

International Sales

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91 Rue de Menilmontant
75020 Paris