Die Mockridges – Eine Knallerfamilie

TV-Series | DE 2016 | 2x30‘ (6x30‘) | German OV

Following its successful run as part of the WDR program campaign (#machtan), the comedy series THE MOCKRIDGES now enters its second season. In six new episodes, members of the real Mockridge family again play themselves in the fictional series. The season begins with Bill Mockridge having just left the cast of LINDENSTRASSE. Full of enthusiasm, he tries to master this new chapter in his life. Meanwhile, Margie is working on her own career and chooses a less than legitimate way to sneak into Gerburg Jahnke’s LADIES NIGHT. Luke has moved in with his girlfriend Nina and suddenly realizes he will have to work at their relationship. In later episodes, Jeremy returns to the family fold: now that he has graduated from drama school, he wants to fully devote himself to cabaret as well as to his new – not-so-young – girlfriend. These intentions test the limits of Margie’s and Bill’s parental lenience.

In Kooperation mit dem WDR, HPR Bild & Ton und Warner Bros. ITVP Deutschland

Robert Wilde
Stephan Pächer, René Förder, Sylke Lorenz
Commissioning Editor
Franziska Schmela, Claudia Bach (WDR)
Sabine de Mardt, Jürgen Hepp
Johannes Imdahl
Guido Krajewski
Lenny Mockridge
Hank Trede
Bill Mockridge, Margie Kinsky, Luke Mockridge, Jeremy Mockridge, Anna Stieblich, Inga Lessmann, Christine Prayon, Gerburg Jahnke, Julia Beerhold, Ingmar Stadelmann