TV-Movie | DE 2017 | 90‘ | German OV

WUNSCHKINDER tells the story of Marie and Peter who want nothing more than to have a child together and become a family. After several failed attempts to conceive naturally, they decide to adopt a child from abroad. Driven by their longing, after many months of preparation and waiting, they make their way to a Russian orphanage to meet their future daughter. Little do they know that they are only just embarking on a tour de force against the Russian authorities – and that they also face the biggest challenge yet in their relationship: as Marie and Peter fight for their future child, the question looms whether they are still after the same goal, individually and, above all, as a couple. Grimme Award winner Dorothee Schön wrote the screenplay for this film adaptation of the autobiographical novel by Marion Gaedicke. Applying her unique sensitivity and intimacy, Emily Atef’s direction elicited inspired performances from the ensemble cast led by Victoria Mayer and Godehard Giese.

A X Filme Creative Pool Production commissioned by WDR and DEGETO

Emily Atef
Victoria Mayer, Godehard Giese, Silke Bodenbender, Arnd Klawitter, Ruth Reinecke, Eva Meckbach
Dorothee Schön, Marion Gaedicke (Roman)
Michael Polle
Alexander Fischerkoesen
Bernd Euscher
Production Manager
Ralf Krawanja, Ulli Neumann (X Filme), Oliver Wissmann (WDR)
Jacob IIlgner
Christoph M. Kaiser, Julian Maas

Selected filmography Emily Atef

ASYL (2004), MOLLY’S WAY (2005), DAS FREMDE IN MIR (2008), TÖTE MICH (2012)