Virtual Reality Lounge

Saturday, 8th to Monday, 10th October, 3 p.m. to 22 p.m. | Filmhauskino

The current hype about virtual reality is not a new phenomenon. Back in the 1990s, VR technology was already much talked about, but never arrived on the mass market. A lot has come to pass since then: innovative ideas are now enabling new ways to use the technology and are spawning special forms of narration. With broadcasters providing VR offerings to skillfully extend their content, media categories are dissolving in a way that used to be unthinkable. Game developers, start-ups, museums, universities, and opera houses explore the opportunities afforded by digital VR headsets and create novel, immersive user experiences. The Virtual Reality Lounge provides an overview of the diverse content that will change our media consumption habits.

These projects were presented at the Virtual Reality Lounge:


The world’s first ballet specially designed for VR, produced by &samhoud Media and the Het Nationale Ballet, featuring choreography by Peter Leung. Directed by Jip Samhoud and Marijn Korver. The solo dancers in this ballet, which was inspired by the world-renowned white sequences of Swan Lake and La Bayadère, are the enchanting Anna Tsygankova and Artur Shesterikov. After its world premiere in Amsterdam the film was hailed as »a miracle of classical art and modern technology« (NRC Handelsblad).


Europe’s first VR feature film, produced by &samhoud Media and starring two top Dutch actors as a couple getting an unexpected visit from a reality TV film crew. They’re asked to put up a refugee in their posh, upper-class flat and thus become an active part in the refugee narrative. The audience can see up close how the couple deals with this experience. You can’t look away if you really want to be part of the discussion.

TANKSTELLEN DES GLÜCKS (Gas Stations of Happiness)

Put on your glasses and let’s go! The user mounts the golden old-timer car of  Friedrich Liechtenstein, sits down in the leather passenger seat and starts a virtual joyride through the capitol that has a true spectacle in store at the side of the road. The VR music video »1000 Liter« wants to be discovered and experienced.


The 360° video, produced by HISTORY Deutschland, shows Wigald Boning in an isolation cell in the former Stasi prison in Berlin-Höhenschönhausen. Find out how it must have felt to be incarcerated there and watch the complete episode of  WIGALD & FRITZ – DIE GESCHICHTSJÄGER (History Hunters) on October 11th in the Astor Film Lounge at the Film Festival Cologne 2016, and in December on the HISTORY channel.