Baron Noir

TV-Series | FR 2016 | 2x52' (8x52') | French OV with English subs

Philippe Rickwaert, a French MP and mayor of Dunkirk, is under pressure, since the police investigates his shady financial dealings. He should have a powerful friend in presidential candidate Francois Laugier, but at this very time Laugier washes his hands of him. But Rickwaert is far from done. He saves his political career – and now puts all his energy into destroying that of his former mentor. What in passing might sound like a French clone of HOUSE OF CARDS has actually much more facets to it than just revenge and intrigue: BARON NOIR is both lighter and darker, with moments of biting political satire alternating with elements of a pitch black Mafia saga. Behind the sober images sits a directorial, topical and moral ambiguity that is at the heart of many modern internationally successful series. And Kad Merad, who until now registered mostly as a likable comedian, is absolutely mesmerizing as a Machiavellian populist.

Ziad Doueiri
Eric Benzekri, Jean-Baptiste Delafon
Thomas Bourguignon, Stéphanie Carrère
Tommaso Fiorilli
Pierre Gauthier
Sacha & Evgueni Galperine
Production Design
Wouter Zoon
Bastien Beltrami, Pénélope Messier
Principal Cast
Kad Merad, Niels Arestrup, Anna Mouglalis, Astrid Whettnall, Hugo Becker

International Sales

StudioCanal TV GmbH
Neue Promenade 4
10178 Berlin

Domestic Sales

StudioCanal TV GmbH
Neue Promenade 4
10178 Berlin

Selected filmography Ziad Doueiri

WEST BEIRUT (1998), LILA SAYS (2004), THE ATTACK (2012)