The Living and the Dead

TV-Series | UK 2016 | 2x50’ (6x50’) | English OV

The Applebys sure had imagined country life to be different. After his mother’s death, Nathan and his wife Harriet move from London to picturesque Somerset in the South of England to take over the family estate. Soon, though, inexplicable things begin to occur: is their new home haunted, or can every-thing be scientifically explained? Of course, psychologist Nathan believes in rational explanations, but his worldview is increasingly shaken. Meanwhile, his ambitious wife is battling the resistance of their employees and seasonal workers. Harriet is not inclined to be confined to housewife duties, but actual-ly seeks to revolutionize the nature of farm work through state-of-the-art technology. City against country, men against women, reason against superstition – with a multifaceted approach, this atmospheri-cally dense new BBC mystery series is a high-value production about social upheavals at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. From Ashley Pharoah, the creator of LIFE ON MARS and ASHES TO ASHES.

In Cooperation with BBC Worldwide Germany

Samuel Donovan, Alice Troughton
Colin Morgan, Charlotte Spencer, Nicholas Woodeson
Executive Producers
Faith Penhale,Ashley Pharoah, Matthew Graham, Katie McAleese
Tim Barker
Matt Gray, Suzie Lavelle
Production Design
Pat Campbell
Phoebe De Gaye

International Sales

BBC Worldwide Ltd.
Television Centre
101 Wood Lane
W12 7FA London
United Kingdom