Tatort – Kressin und der Laster nach Lüttich

TV-Movie | DE 1971 | 80'

  • Montag, 17. Juni 2002 22:30 Uhr

On the streets between Liege, Rostock, and Cologne customs investigator Kressin fights all kinds of smugglers. Long before the famous German TV detective Schimanski was even conceivable, Wolfgang Menge created the character of Kressin, an unconventional, charming German cop, a character type which had long existed in America. Soon Kressin became the »German James Bond« to his fans, rather conservative crime series lovers cursed the brass investigator as a »rogue customs official«, mostly because his nonchalant dealings with women did not correspond to the paternal attributes of TV inspectors of the day. After six episodes Kressin was replaced by his successor, Inspector Haferkamp from Essen.

Tom Toelle
Wolfgang Menge
Jan Kalis
Klaus Doldinger
Principal Cast
Katrin Schaake, Sieghardt Rupp, Friedrich Schütter, Hermann Lenschau, Ivan Desny