Dekyi Metok

Spielfilm | CH 2013 | 110' | OmeU

A truly kind and helpful person, Dekyi Metok drives a taxi in Tibet´s Lhasa City, where one day she meets a little girl called Gaga selling souvenirs in Barkhor Market. They feel like old friends straightaway at their first encounter, and eventually become as close as sisters.
Alas, disaster strikes: as the cabbie is in a hurry to pick up passengers, she backs up her car and runs over Gaga, who is mortally injured in the accident. Dekyi Metok is devastated. She ignores the advice of family and friends and decides to initiate legal proceedings against herself. The gathering of evidence is a lengthy and complicated process, but finally Dekyi Metok walks into the courthouse to stand trial…

Best of Fiction

Zhang Hong
Executive Producer
Han Yeqiang
Wang Yi
Jia Leiming, Wang Yi
Liu Hongguang
Wang Yi
Dege Tsering
Dege Tsering
Production Design
Wang Yi
Ma Mingjun
Principal Cast
Yang Shuk Tso, Lob Sang Nyan Drak
Production Companies
China West Movie Group Co., Ltd

International Sales

China West Movie Group Co., Ltd
No. 508, Xiying Road
Xi-an City
Shaanxi Province
Tel.: +86 29 85529672