Memorable Presidio for Lepers

Spielfilm | CH 2009 | 90' | OmeU

»Abuluoha« is a word of Yi native language in which the meaning is: »The place where no one dared to go and no one dared to live with«. Photographer Li Bo found a photo of his grandfather with some villagers of the Yi ethnic group. He goes to the Abuluoha village in the mountains. He finds that the village of the Yi ethnic group is a leprosy village. His grandfather came here with a sincere and loving treatment to patients, and died here. Li Bo is impressed and he decides to use photography to evoke the attention of the outside world, for the construction of Hope Primary School and a leprosy control center.

Best of Fiction

Yu Xiaofeng
Executive Producer
Li Wufei
Yan Xiaochuan
Zhong Wei
Yu Jianmei
Yu Feng
Zhu Zi
Zhu Zi
Production Manager
Du Xiaobo
Lighting Engineer
Chen Hong
Production Design
Mao Guangcheng
Principal Cast
Fang Tao, A Yi
Production Company
Chengdu Pioneer Production Co., Ltd

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