Der Kummer von Flandern

Mini-Series | EU 1994 | 3x90'/5x50'

  • Saturday, 17. June 1995 20:00 hrs

Widely acknowledged as the most important novel written in the Dutch language since the war, and already an enormous success in Europe and America, THE SORROW OF BELGIUM is a rich, panoramic portrait of provincial life and a boy’s coming-of-age in Nazi-occupied Flanders. The script was written by novelist Hugo Claus; Claude Goretta directed among others THE LACEMAKER and THE DEATH OF MARIO RICCI.

Claude Goretta
Hugo Claus
Based on the novel by
Hugo Claus
Dominique Brenguier
Victorine Habets
Jurre Haanstra
Marianne Basler, Marisa Berenson, Rüdiger Vogler, Rik van Uffelen, Ronny Coutteure
Jan van Raemdonck
Co-produced by
RM Associates, TFPA, NOS-TV, La Sept-ARTE, BRT, RTL-TVi, RTP, YLE, SVT, TRE, DR with assistance from the European Script Fund, the Stimulation Fund for Dutch Cultural Productions, the Dutch CoBO Fund and Greco

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