EZ Streets

TV-Series | USA 1996 | 120' + 11x60'

  • Saturday, 07. June 1997 23:00 hrs

One-Hour cop show set in the dark and pessimistic underworld of a ficticious city. Honest and tough-guy Detective Cameron loses his partner and thousands of dollars in a drug bust. To save his job and reputation, he must team up with Detective Collero (Richard Portnow) to infiltrate the local mob controlled by ruthless Irish gangster Jimmy Murtha (Joe Pantoliano). Daniel Rooney (Jason Gedrick), who has just been released from prison, is struggling to get his life back on tracvk, but he can’t escape his roots. Theresa Conners (Debrah Farentino) is a sexy criminal attorney and Murtha’s girlfriend. A law degree and all the accessories of success can’t mask the fact that she’s as dishonest as her cleint and lover. The intricate plot follows no less than nine principal, multi-layered and often ambigous characters whose lives interweave and diverge in the complex culture on EZ STREETS. Created by Paul Haggis (DUE SOUTH, WALKER TEXAS RANGER). »Hypnotic«, with a »novelistic flow«, says Variety, »the most cinematic show on TV«, featuring a remarkable Celtic-flavored score by Mark Isham.

Created by
Paul Haggis
Ken Olin
Paul Haggis, David Black
Ron Garcia
Elba Sanchez-Short
Mark Isham
Production Design
Laurence Benett
Principal Cast
Ken Olin, Joe Pantoliano, Jason Gedrick, John Finn, Richard Portnow
Jeff King
Executive Producer
Paul Haggis
Paul Haggis in association with Universal Television for CBS

International Sales

MCA TV International