The Persuaders

  • Thursday, 20. June 2002 21:00 hrs

Where most investigative pairs get their fuel for the fire from the tension between the sexes, THE PERSUADERS offers a battle of cultures. Whenever Lord Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore), an ancient British noble and corresponding snob, and the nouveau riche, self-made millionaire Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) meet, the sparks fly. While the fundamental comedic conflict was already present in the original, the series enjoyed particular success in Germany, thanks to the brilliant dubbing by Rainer Brandt. He supplied more corny jokes in one episode than other series’ offered in a whole season. And so, despite strange cases and iffy logic, THE PERSUADERS remains loads of fun: »We want to get married«

Created by
Robert S. Baker
Tony Curtis, Roger Moore, Laurence Naismith