Die fünfte Frau

Mini-Series | SWE/DE 2002 | 4x60'

  • Saturday, 15. June 2002 20:00 hrs

Birger Larsen reworked this bestseller by Henning Mankell into a thriller which almost surpasses its forerunner with its gripping, timely suspense and gloomy atmosphere.  Stylistically reminiscent of SEVEN and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, Larsen transforms the book’s emotional volume into depressing, powerful images.  Set before a backdrop of a constant, almost tangible threat, Commissioner Wallanders’ search for a brutal serial killer in a Swedish province turns into a descent into the lowest depths of the human psyche.  In the end, even Wallanders must choose between law and justice.  Nothing for the faint of heart!

Birger Larsen
Klas Abrahamsson, Birger Larsen Based on the novel "Die Fünfte Frau" by Henning Mankell
Principal Cast
Christer Fant, Rolf Lassgard, Lars Melin, Lakke Magnusson, Klas Gösta Olsson, Emy Storm, Keve Hjelm, Jenny Rudell, Marie Richardson
ZDF Editors
Wolfgang Feindt, Klaus Bassiner
Tommy Starck, Peter Nadermann, Reinhold Elschot, Lars Säfström
SVT in co-production with Network Movie for ZDF