Joutilaat – The Idle Ones

TV-Movie | FIN 2001 | 78'

  • Saturday, 15. June 2002 21:00 hrs

Lötkö, Hapa and Bodi love cars, love to drink, and are unemployed.  In their hometown, a stack of houses in the middle of nowhere in northern Finnland, things don’t change quickly.  Their lives are primarily structured by their involuntary, comedic, compulsory visits to the employment exchange.  With mixed feelings they learn that they’ll soon be looking back on the last summer of their youth.  Through this constellation, Susanna Helke and Virpi Suutari develop a noteworthy genre-bastard: an underdog comedy, which walks the thin line between documentaric observation and direction with the sureness of a sleepwalker, all the while never relinquishing their characters to the absurd.

Susanna Helke, Virpi Suutari
Principal Cast
Harri Moilanen, Tero Kinnunen, Jaakko Lähdesmäki
Ulla Simonen
Kinotar OY