GetTogether at the 15.

  • Monday, 23. June 2003 19:30 hrs

A DJ will make sure that there will be all-night dancing. However, the main thrust of the evening will be networking with other people in the industry at the Deutsches Sport und Olympiamuseum, i.e. striking up new contacts and consolidating existing ones. »Networking and Relaxing« will be the general theme of the evening. Weather permitting, the meetings can take place in the open air, on the terrace or the balconies of the museum. Irrespective of the weather you will, at least, be able to enjoy the view of the River Rhine. A lady will be present to entertain and amuse you. This lady is not only beautiful but also wise and sometimes a bit spiteful. Nessi Tausendschön, a refreshing cynic and singer of great significance in the world, a woman of exemplary grace, was able to fill a big democratic gap years ago when she declared herself »Queen of Germany«. For this and because of the fact that she has all the charms and regal qualities of a lady, she was rightly awarded the »Salzburger Stier«, the »Deutschen Kabarettpreis« and the »Deutschen Kleinkunstpreis«, which she received this year, for her stage appearances in cabaret programmes. The very best of this genre for the cream of the crop as part of the social program of