Boon or Bust – What good is the German Film Academy?

  • Tuesday, 24. June 2003 16:30 hrs

In co-operation with the Verband der Filmkritiker

The founding of the German Film Academy is immediately forthcoming. In 2004 the Academy will already have awarded the »German Film Prize« in cooperation with the BKM (Federal Chancellery for Media and Culture) which is with 3 Million Euros the most highly endowed German cultural award. It has to be discussed if this doesn’t turn a cultural film subsidy into a commercial subsidy. If arrangements behind the scenes take the place of independent expertise, small, unusual films may not have any chance of winning. On the other hand the founding of a »German Film Academy« as a marketing instrument for German films might be a good idea. A panel of critics and supporters of the »German Film Academy« will discuss this topic.