The Speakers of the Media Committee Meet Producers and Service Providers

  • Wednesday, 25. June 2003 00:30 hrs

The February 19, 2003 discussion in the federal state parliament (»Landtag«) about the subject production site North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and the particular problems of financing show the necessity of a more extensive exchange between politics and industry. The Speakers of the Media Committee in the Landtag NRW will meet up with selected producers and service providers. Among the topics currently discussed in the industry is financing (liquidity assistance, guarantees).

Host: Rolf-Herbert Peters, Author, Capital & Stern, Cologne

Marc-Jan Eumann, Speaker of the SPD Faction, Landtag NRW
Lothar Hegemann, Speaker of the CDU Faction, Landtag NRW
Stefan Grüll, Speaker of the FDP Faction, Landtag NRW
Oliver Keymis, Speaker of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Fraktion, Landtag NRW
Oliver Fey, Managing Director, SPLENDID SYNCHRON GmbH, Cologne
Andreas Dölfs, Managing Director, tvision GmbH, Cologne
Holger Harms, Producer, hurricane tv-production GmbH, Cologne
Wilfried Rütten, Business Developer, verytv GmbH, Cologne
Roland Willaert, Managing Director, D + D-Film- & TV-Production GmbH, Cologne
Borris Brandt, Managing Director, Endemol Deutschland GmbH, Cologne