Enter the Dragon

Martial Arts | USA/HKG 1973 | 98'

Bruce Lee’s last film is a martial arts tour-de-force with a secret agent plot that catapulted Lee to posthumous stardom. Lee plays a martial arts master and secret agent – also called Lee – who is smuggled onto the mysterious Dr. Han’s private island under the pretext of a competition among the world’s best martial artists. For the first time, Bruce Lee’s legendary fight-acrobatics were combined with a plot line tailored for a western audience and production values on a par with the Hollywood out-put of the time. Lalo Schifrin seamlessly blended elements of funk, traditional Chinese music and the typical James Bond sound together to give ENTER THE DRAGON an extremely suspenseful and atmospheric score.

Robert Clouse
Michael Allin
Gil Hubbs
Lalo Schifrin
Principal Cast
Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Kein Shih, Ahna Capri, Angela Mao
Bruce Lee, Fred Weintraub, Paul Heller
Associate Producer
Raymond Chow

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