Extraterrestrial – Auf der Spur der Aliens

Documentary | DE, GB 2005 | 90'

  • Monday, 04. July 2005 15:00 hrs

Exclusive Preview at the Cologne Conference: BLUE MOON and AURELIA are not real planets, but only conceptual models. However, researchers believe that planets like these do exist and are the most likely places to harbor extraterrestrial life. More in-depth studies of the structures of these model planets have recently confirmed a realistic possibility of life existing there. Astrobiologists are currently researching just how life might develop on such celestial bodies. With better telescopes due to appear on the market in the next five to fifteen years, scientists are confident to find actual planets like these, and hope for new technologies which will then also enable them to locate traces of extraterrestrial life. EXTRATERRESTRIALS – AUF DER SPUR DER ALIENS, a spectacular documentary, presents these innovative concept studies, talks to astronomers working on new planetary profiles, shows astonishing graphical visualizations of a planet’s developmental stages and of climatic, atmospheric and geological characteristics, and follows astrobiologists in their attempts to influence the viability of life on a faraway world.

kabel eins, Channel 4. National Geographic

First Broadcast: fall 2005