The New TV Market

Cologne Conference Lectures

  • Monday, 22. May 2006 15:00 hrs

Monday, May 22, 15:00 – 18:00 hrs, 
In Cooperation with BBC Worldwide Ltd.

Presentation: Torsten Zarges, kress report, Cologne

15:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs | Studio der SK Stiftung Kultur | Lecture

TV to Go: Revolution on the Small Screen
While the classical TV genres are in constant turmoil, an even greater change is occurring on the small screen: the mobile phones. With series like 24 being adapted for handhelds, the launch of the video iPod and the creation of genuine forms of mobile content, production for this new medium could take off very soon. The keynote describes the opportunities and challenges content producers and distributors will face when working with the new medium.

Dr. Ingo Schneider, Vice President Mobile Data, T-Mobile International, Bonn

16:00 hrs – 16:45 hrs | Studio der SK Stiftung Kultur | Lecture

Beyond Blogs: User Created Content, Options for TV Producers
Blogs were the first challenge to the media monopoly of public expression. Now the web has moved on, genuine networks are evolving where the content is entirely supplied by its users. Since these offers are no longer limited to mere text, professional producers should take interest in these new powerful forums. Brian Seth Hurst will give an overview and will also reflect on the potentials for producers arising from these developments.

Brian Seth Hurst, CEO, The Opportunity Management Company, Los Angeles

16:45 hrs – 17:00 hrs | Studio der SK Stiftung Kultur

Coffee Break

17:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs | Studio der SK Stiftung Kultur | Lecture

Building Public Value in and through New Media
The BBC is righteously seen as a leading provider of new media appliances. From internet publishing over digital and interactive television to new distribution strategies, the company explores what it means to be a broadcaster in the 21st century. Marc Goodchild, producer of the award-winning interactive documentary WALKING WITH BEASTS and executive producer of the BBC’s parenting VoD-Service, will explain how television can transcend current technological and aesthetic borders and how the new opportunities arising can be seized.

Marc Goodchild, Executive Producer for Interactive TV, BBC Factual and Learning, London

In Kooperation mit BBC Worldwide Ltd.