Feature Film | DE 2005 | 81'

Yvonne is the boss of a gang of girls. When she and her friends are out on the streets of their high-rise apartment block, other girls are no longer safe. Because if need be and if Yvonne has a bad day, she will lash out. When Yvonne is sued and sentenced to a prison term, she flees from the police. Her best friend Katharina distances herself from her. She plans to withdraw from the clique. Betrayed by her friend, kicked out by her mother, and left all on her own, Yvonne goes haywire. It now becomes clear who still sticks to her. dffb graduate Birgit Grosskopf tells a story of violence and betrayal, and of the observation that there is a great yearning for love beneath the aggression.

Birgit Grosskopf
Birgit Grosskopf, Daniela Hilchenbach
Kolja Raschke
Lawrence Tooley
Production Design
Naomi Schenck
Alain Goniva
Principal Cast
Irina Potapenko, Henriette Müller, Desiree Jaeger, Amina Schichterich, Caroline Peters
Anke Scheib
Colonia Media/Label 131 in co-production with WDR supported by Filmstiftung NRW