Spiele Leben

Feature Film | AUT, CHE 2005 | 95'

Kurt is unemployed and a gambling addict. Scrounging day to day becomes harder, so eventually he even steals from his girlfriend Manu. But his debt keeps growing, his old father won’t fork out anything, and the employment office sends him off as a fee collector. One day he hits upon the idea of throwing dice to determine every next step in his life. Thus swinging to and fro between commitment and capitulation, he meets drug addict Tanja and takes off to nightly tours of clubs, gambling joints and crummy hotels with her. They are off in the clouds in a dangerous rapture of total freedom. SPIELE LEBEN is Antonin Svoboda’s first feature film.

Antonin Svoboda
Antonin Svoboda, Katharina Held
Martin Gschlacht
Oliver Neumann
Christof Dienz
Production Design
Veronika Merlin
Dietmar Zusan
Principal Cast
Georg Friedrich, Gerti Drassl, Birgit Minichmayr
Rudolf Santschi, Antonin Svoboda, Barbara Albert, Martin Gschlacht, Jessica Hausner
Coop99 in co-production with triluna film

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