Kir Royal

TV-Series | DE 1986 | 6×60′ | OV

Thursday, 9. October, 19:30 hrs
in cooperation with WDR/EinsFestival

It was a must-see series: in the 1980s, KIR ROYAL created quite a stir. The series was about tabloid journalism, and everyone was talking about it when it aired on ARD. KIR ROYAL has agitated, pleased, and enraged the nation. The six-part WDR television series written by director Helmut Dietl and bestselling author Patrick Süskind (»The Perfume«) gave audiences quality entertainment par excellence.

The Cologne Conference 2008’s Night of Cult Television brings back legendary tabloid reporter »Baby« Schimmerlos (Franz-Xaver Kroetz). That said, what good would the best reporter be without his very own »court photographer« by his side? Though being knocked around by Schimmerlos all the time, Herbie Fried (Dieter Hildebrandt) still feels ties of a friendship of sorts to his client. He does as his master commands, and manages to get some snapshots that are fit to print even from most ticklish situations. A scathing exposure of the vanities of Munich’s »Bussi-Bussi« (pecks-on-the-cheek) crowd, the comedy also stars a host of high-profile actors and actresses in other roles, including Senta Berger as »Mona«, Ruth Maria Kubitschek as »Frau von Unruh«, and Mario Adorf as »Generaldirektor Haffenloher«. As »Funkkorrespondenz« magazine put it, »it is in dazzling 35 mm cinematic format, under glistening photography’s delicate caress, that wickedness becomes truly delightful«.


Helmut Dietl
Helmut Dietl, Patrick Süskind
Ingo Hamer, Kristian Gripenberg, Otto Kirchhoff, Petrus Schloemp, Wolgang Mayer
Ulrike Pahl, Corina Dietz, Inez Regnier, Anja von Rüxleben
Konstantin Wecker
Simon Buchner, Harald Henkel, Berthold Posch, Nicos Parakis
Production Design
Hans Gailling, Dieter Bächle, Albrecht Konrad, Nicos Perakis
Kurt Raab
Principal Cast
Franz Xaver Kroetz, Senta Berger, Dieter Hildebrandt, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek, Billie Zöckler, Mario Adorf, Harald Leipnitz, Peter Kern, Erni Singerl, Rudolf Wessely, Corinna Drews, Martin Wimbush
Jürgen Dohme
Series Producer
Ike Werk, Eric Moss, Erwin Mäkelburg
Commissioning Editors for WDR
Jörn Klamroth, Johannes Pechtold
balance film for WDR

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First Broadcast Germany

22.09.1986, WDR