Art & Copy

Documentary | USA 2008 | 88' | OV

An average city resident takes in about 5000 advertising messages – every single day. Most of these are banal, some are funny, a few are ingenious. ART & COPY presents the men and women who revolutionized the US advertising industry with their original campaigns, and showcases some exemplary, landmark achievements of their work: the VW bug advertisements by the Doyle, Dane and Bernbach agency, for instance, or George Lois’ provocative Tommy Hilfiger ads that won the fashion designer overnight fame. ART & COPY demonstrates how the best advertising combines creativity and selling in equally intelligent and entertaining ways.

Doug Pray
Gregory Beauchamp, Kirk Souder
Peter Nelson
Philip Owens
Jeff Martin
Lee Clow, Jim Durfee, Dan Wieden, David Kennedy, Phyllis K. Robinson, Hal Riney, Cliff Freeman, George Lois, Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, Mary Wells
Jimmy Greenway, Michael Nadeau
Executive Producers
David Baldwin, Mary Warlick, Gregory Beauchamp, Kirk Souder

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Seventh Art Releasing
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