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Have you ever considered making a film? The first things you are thinking about will probably not include lengthy funding applications, discussions with commissioning editors or customers who turn out to assess things in a quite different way from you… and that would make cologne47eleven an ideal port of call for you. cologne47eleven was established as the festival where fresh ideas can be tried out and receive prompt feedback. Creativity and swiftness are important, but the joy of telling stories in film is paramount. Think outside the box and shoot straight; under competition conditions. All starting teams will be given a theme and a list of five compulsory props at the same time. While the latter are a ‘must’ in every film, the various awards are ‘nice to have.’ In 2009, the ‘best Burlesque number,’ ‘most impressive homage to another film,’ ‘best period film,’ and ‘best silent dialog’ will be recognized. All films will premiere on Sunday, when the audience will have their say in who wins the awards. cologne47eleven and the Cologne Conference will host this multifaceted Sunday matinée at Cologne’ s Filmforum. The screening begins at 12:00 hrs. And cologne47eleven will go further. Great goals have been set for the fifth anniversary in 2010: a dedicated national competition for agencies and production companies. A weekend of filmmaking. After all, there is more to play than all soccer all the time.