HEIMHERDHUND (Premiere | Cast & Crew)
Series | Germany 2009
Luci, Axel and Acht van Org are not an ordinary family. They love the dark way of life, own a human dog called Rosi and Luci’s manager Laura (Kim Fisher) desperately tries to bring her back to the showbusiness.  HeimHerdHund is full of black humor and a lot of prominent actors. It’s produced by Zigeler Film and BlindLeadingTheBlind Entertainment in cooperation with nettworker ideenboutique köln.

ANGEL OF DEATH (White Rock Lake Productions/Sony Pictures)
Series | USA 2009
Eve is a cold blooded assassin. While doing her job, she got stabbed in the head and survives with a head trauma. She starts hallucinating and her only target now is to take revenge on her former employers.

STAR-VING (F.N.B. Entertainment/Sony Pictures)
Series | USA 2009
David Faustino, former son of Al Bundy and Corin Nemec, also known as »Parker Lewis«,  desperately try to make some money in order not to starve. Unfortunately, every time they are shortly before being successful, something extremely awkward happens. Faustino and Nemec are not only making fun of themselves but also of Hollywood. And this is really euphemized.

SERDAR’S HATE NIGHT (Radical!Comedy/Sevenload)
Show | Germany 2008/2009
In Cooperation with Sevenload
Besides being a director, actor, writer and cabaret artist Serdar Somuncu also finds the time to comment everyday life in his show SERDARS HATE NIGHT.  His acid-tongued kind of humor procured him being censord on youtube.

BUBBLE UNIVERSE I (fullscrn/3min/Casino Royale)
Show | Germany 2009
Nina, Jens and Tobi are from Berlin and they share a passion: the online game »World of Warcraft«. This docu-series does not only give us an insight into their »online« life but also documents their »real« life.  This show tries to break with the stereotype of online gamers.

WINNETOU RISING (Premiere | Grundy UFA/Sevenload)

Series | Germany 2009
in cooperation with Sevenload
WINNETOU RISING tells the story of André, Ben and Lotte who all wake up in a 19th century western village. Nobody knows how they have come there. The only thing that counts now is trust, in order to solve the mystery.


Animation | USA 2008
This animation film shows a voodoo doll that must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death. Filmmaker Joaquin Baldwin, a student from the US, has won more than 50 awards for this project.

Short | Great Britain 2008
On a bus journey through Hungary a traveller happens upon an ambiguous and disturbing incident.
This short movie was filmed and edited with a mobile device. It’s this year’s winner of the Festival Pocket Film in France.

Animation | Mexico 2008
This self-portrait of the filmmaker depicts a day when you wake up, look in the mirror and know that nothing is going to work out.