Monsters from the Id

Documentary | USA 2008 | 71' | OV

Has the USA won the Cold War with the help of cheap 1950s monster and science fiction movies? MONSTERS FROM THE ID does not go quite this far, but the film makes a convincing case that Hollywood has had its share in America’s winning of the race to conquer space. Back in the day, because the dream factory still portrayed scientists as heroes, ambitious young people enrolled by the thousands in science courses at US universities. The techno-optimism of the 50s may be gone. The films are still around – and MONSTERS FROM THE ID features a generous dose of delightful excerpts from science fiction classics.

David Gargani
Pete Konczal
Brian Aumueller
Homer Hickam, Dr. Leroy Dubeck, Dr. Patrick Lucanio, Richard Scheib, Gary Coville
Executive Producer
Chris Gargani

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