Short Visions

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Film is capable of making dreams come true, dreams of visionary power – the short film genre can be even more radical than feature film in pulling out all the stops, in experimenting, and in beating new paths between form and content. The animation segment in particular opens up unimagined visual possibilities, again and again. In these cases, the world is not supposed to be elucidated, but to be enriched by at least one new dimension. At this year’s Cologne Conference, Köln – whose 3rd Short Film Festival, UNLIMITED, runs from 18 to 23 November 2009 – present a short film program in the »Short Visions« section that is not only fun to watch, but provides all new perspectives: on people, on the walls of buildings, on bricks of modeling clay, and on death.

The Netherlands 2008 | Evelien Lohbeck | Animation  4‘52‘‘

The Film consists of four experimental shorts about the attempt to mess up reality. In these films, illusions and expectations are challenged.
NIAF – Ursula van den Heuvel  |

England 2008 | Run Wrake | Animation | 6‘45‘‘

In the peaceful Halftone City, a mysterious heroine and a brave ally face the ultimate threat…
Veer – Dan Perlet |

Germany 2009 | Jörg Wagner | Documentation | 8‘30‘‘

A journey into the strange and wonderful world of container terminals. Images, editing and music condense the rhythms of a working day to form a fascinating and poetic vision.
Kurzfilmagentur Hamburg |


Germany 2009 | Evgenia Gostrer | Animation | 2‘20‘‘

Commemoration, reality, imagination. Are there boundaries?