Enemies of the People

Documentary | GB 2010 | 94' | Subtitled English

  • Wednesday, 29. September 2010 21:30 hrs Odonien

Cambodia’s Killing Fields: More than two million people were killed here by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge regime in the 70s. Inconspicuous reporter Thet Sambath has long since made it his project to explain to himself and his country how these massacres could occur, that had taken the lives of his parents and all of his siblings. He has been obtaining the friendship of many of the murderers, trying to find out who gave the initial orders. But that’s the question where everybody just points to the next guy.
Sambath and his co-director Rob Lemkin don’t hide the sacrifices they had to make in their personal and family life in order to conduct this research over decades. But they are finally able to break their nation’s taboo and speak to the perpetrators – from footsoldiers confessing dozens of executions in gruesome detail right up to Pol Pot’s deputy who to this day still believes in the justification of his regime. „Enemies of the people“ is a shattering genocide documentary relentlessly unmasking a system of paranoia, blind obedience and the spreading insanity of violence.

Rob Lemkin, Thet Sambath
Rob Lemkin
Rob Lemkin, Thet Sambath
Stefan Ronowicz
Daniel Pemberton
Thet Sambath
Rob Lemkin, Thet Sambath
Executive Producer
Sandra Whipham
Old Street Films, Dogwoof Pictures

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