Life During Wartime

Feature Film | USA 2010 | 98' | OV

HAPPINESS reloaded: The three sisters Joy, Trish and Helen are still caught up in their relationship hells. After her husband is locked away for child molestation Trish find another man and at the same time has to break the truth to her youngest son. Joy meanwhile struggles with the ghosts of lovers past and present, all of which have some real emotional problems to work out. And Helen… well, Helen may just be a self-pitying monster. Todd Solondz has written an unconventional sequel to his festival winner HAPPINESS and re-cast every role with new actors like the unforgettable Michael K. Williams (THE WIRE) and Allison Janney (THE WEST WING). In strictly composed images by Ed Lachman Hollywood’s enfant terrible is once again casting a light on the family as trauma factory, the disturbed nature of human relationships and the impossibility of real forgiveness. All of this is at times brutally funny as well as bittersweetly sad, due to the sarcastic use of music and the many mean turns and twists Solondz has written into his award-winning screenplay.

Director & Script
Todd Solondz
Edward Lachman
Kevin Messman
Production Design
Roshelle Berliner
Principal Cast
Shirley Henderson, Ciáran Hinds, Allison Janney, Michael Lerner, Chris Marquette, Rich Pecci, Charlotte Rampling, Paul Reubens
Christine Kunewa Walker, Derrick Tseng
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Redleaf
Werc Werk Works, Cinetic Media, Fortissimo Films

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