Tuesday, September 28th, 20:00 hrs, Filmhaus
in collaboration with ZDFneo

In one of our first KULTNACHT session in 1994 we presented the British TV classic THE PRISONER, a brilliantly paranoid puzzle far ahead of its time. This year what comes aroung goes around, as the Cologne Conference in collaboration with ZDF Neo shines a light back on 20 years of cult TV series.
The last two decaes arguably were the most fruitful ones for serial programmes: They found new audiences on DVD, and thanks to an unprecedented quality of scriptwriting they could tackle new, radical, shocking and surprising topics. In this one-hour presentation we take a look back at all the TV series that had us confused, enthusiastic or downright addicted – like “Twin Peaks”, whose brilliant pilot we present at the end of this year’s KULTNACHT. We ask what constitutes a cult series, we show clips that have written TV history – and we present some of the cult series of tomorrow. For example the new version of THE PRISONER as a mini-series with James Caviezel and Ian McKellen, which will kick off this year’s KULTNACHT at the Cologne Conference.