Alpha 0.7 – Der Feind in Dir

Presentation, UK 2010

in cooperation with the SWR and Zeitsprung

TV and radio station SWR presents a tri-medial project of a kind that hasn’t been seen before in the German media landscape: First activities on the internet have already started (in the form of websites, blogs, an own YouTube channel and band performances), while in November radio features will air, followed by a six-part TV series (directed by Marc Rensing) and a subsequent six-part radio series.  The action of this thriller project focus in the year 2017 on the young woman Johanna, who finds out that the reason for her nightmares and impaired consciousness lies in a secret neurological experiment that has been conducted on her. She joins the underground civil rights activist Mila in order to expose a conspiracy and regain control over her life. . The theme couldn’t be any more relevant: As a multi-media sci-fi thriller discussing topics like homeland security, prevention of terrorism and freedom of thought ALPHA 0.7 is not a day too early.


Director TV-Series
Marc Rensing
Director Radio Play
Leonhard Koppelmann
Sebastian Büttner, Oliver Hohengarten
Conceptual Design
Sebastian Büttner, Oliver Hohengarten, Dominik Frankowski, Sebastian Hünerfeld
Principal Cast
Victoria Mayer, Anna-Maria Mühe, Arne Lenk, Oliver Stritzel, Tobias Schenke, Jella Haase, Bernd Gnann, Rolf Kanies und Thomas Huber
Comissioning Editors SWR
Sebastian Hünerfeld, Manfred Hattendorf Book, Television and Radio/Transmediaproducer: Sebastian Büttner, Oliver Hohengarten
Michael Souvignier, Dominik Frankowski

International Sales