Between Warhol and The Wire – About Proximity and Distance of Art and Television

Wednesday, September 29, 08:00 hrs

in co-operation with Kölnischer Kunstverein, Kunstfilmbiennale and WDR

Numerous artists work with the operational rules of television, using them for their own ends. Based on Andy Warhol’s example, they know how to utilise the rules of the attention-dependent economy, they play with celebrity culture, and adopt the episodic structure of soaps, TV shows, music clips, or talk shows, turning them into something new. The question now is how to describe the relation between Arts and Television today. Is there any space left for Arts within TV and when does TV become Arts? The lecture will observe how both mutually influence each other. Directors, Authors, Scientists, Curators and Artists are coming together to discuss the new interest in Television.

Host:  Torsten Zarges, Correspondent, kressreport, Cologne

10.00-11.00 hrs, Keynote
What is Art in Television?
Matthias Michalka, Curator exhibition Changing Channels, Vienna

11.10-11.30 hrs, Coffee Break

11.30-12.00 hrs, Presentation, Q&A
Developing a Themed Channel: The  Arts Channel ‚ANDY’
Patrick Hörl, Managing Director, Autentic GmbH, Oberhaching

12.00-12.30 hrs, Presentation, Q&A
Arts in Public Broadcasting
Andreas Ammer, Producer DRUCKFRISCH, WDR/Das Erste, Cologne

12.30-13.00 hrs, Presentation, Q&A
Arts in Serial Productions
Piv Bernth, Executive Producer THE KILLING II, Danmarks Radio, Copenhagen

13.00-14.00 hrs, Lunch Break

14.00-15.00 hrs, Workshop Discussion
About Proximity and Distance of Art and Television
David Simon, Writer/Producer THE WIRE/TREME, Baltimore

15.00-15.45 hrs, Talk with Anja Nathan-Dorn
TV work of Christoph Schlingensief
Jörg van der Horst, former artistic assistant of Christoph Schlingensief, Leipzig

15.45-16.15 hrs, Coffee Break

16.15-17.30 hrs, Presentation and Talk
Art in an Age without Content: The Inevitability of Camp
David Joselit, Professor & Chair of the Department of the History of Art,  Yale University
Kalup Linzy, Artist, New York

Afterwards at Residenz Filmtheater, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring, 50825 Cologne

18.30 hrs, Screening
THE KILLING II, TV Series (5×100′) 100′, DK, S, D, N 2009

20.30 hrs German Premiere in the presence of David Simon esents his new series
TREME, TV Series, 80′ (pilot), USA 2010

Exhibition from 25 September to 19 Dezember 2010 at Kölnischer Kunstverein
Opening Hours: Tue.-Fri. 13.00-19.00 hrs, Sat. 11.00-18.00 hrs
Forbidden Love: Art in the Wake of Television

Exhibition showing works of Judith Barry, Joseph Beuys, Paul Chan, Mel Chin and the GALA Committee, Jaime Davidovich, Simon Denny, Kalup Linzy, Christoph Schlingensief, Ryan Trecartin, Francesco Vezzoli and Andy Warhol.