Internet / Mobile

  • Monday, 27. September 2010 16:30 hrs Odonien

This year marks the third time the Cologne Conference is showcasing some of the most intriguing and innovative finds from the Internet – which have, in the meantime, crossed media boundaries to make their way onto the smartphones of the world.
Presentations include e.g. the web series DOWNSIZED by Daryn Strauß, which deals with personal setbacks in times of the economic crisis.
The creators of the CRAIGSLIST MASTERPIECE THEATER draw on the social service network Craigslist as their source of inspiration: their short films visualize the website’s weirdest und funniest classified ads.
There’s no stopping the undead from entering the Internet, either: VAMPED OUT, a vampire series from Kevin Pollak (THE USUAL SUSPECTS), and VALEMONT, an MTV production about bloodsucking hipsters at a US college are a testament to the fact that the enduring vampire mania inspired by TWILIGHT has been conquering all formats.
Meanwhile, the website is diligently working to creep out visitors as well. Featured presentations supplied by this horror shorts platform include the hair-raiser FEAR CLINIC, a series starring Robert Englund (who played Freddy Krueger in the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise), and MARI-KARI, a horror cartoon about a murderous duo of twin sisters, with the voice of Shannen Doherty (BEVERLY HILLS, 90210).
Finally, MORGAN AND DESTINY’S ELEVENTEENTH DATE: THE ZEPPELIN ZOO is taken to be a special program highlight – a charming collective production by the social network, which was founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (INCEPTION), who also had a part in this short film.