Documentary | DNK 2009 | 59' | Subtitled English

  • Tuesday, 28. September 2010 16:30 hrs

With the evening sun bathing the scene in an orange glow, a young man ambles through an idyllic wood of birch trees. The camera pans around to reveal the setting sun – right next to the cooling towers of a nuclear power plant. In a pithy manner, and again and again, the beautiful and the dreadful are pitted against each other in the Danish documentary TANKOGRAD. The title refers to the unofficial name of the city of Chelyabinsk in western Siberia, which is not only considered the hub of Russian tank manufacturing, but is also home to one of the country’s largest nuclear power complexes in the town’s immediate vicinity. This is the site of a nuclear accident in 1957, which was the second most severe after Chernobyl. The city Chelyabinsk is still highly contaminated with radiation. Still, director Boris B. Bertram also finds beauty in the drab and gray of this city of millions, as he observes the rehearsals and performances of the young members of the local dance theater. The dancers, who have earned various international accolades, have found art to be an alternative to the bleakness prevailing in their everyday lives.

Director & Script
Boris B. Bertram
Emil Noel, Boris B. Bertram, Magnus Nordenhof Jønck
Charlotte Munch Bengtsen, Henrik Thiesen
Tobias Wilner Bertram, Sara Savery, Vladimir Shainskiy
Peter Albrechtsen, Thomas Jæger
Principal Cast
Maria Greyf, Vladimir Vdovenko, Olga Pona, Michael Abramov, Aleksei Babin
Sara Stockmann, Lise Saxtrup, Anne Wivel
Executive Producer
Louise Kjær
Barok Film, The Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film and TV Fund

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Selected filmography Boris B. Bertram