The People Speak

Documentary | USA 2010 | 90' | Subtitled German

  • Wednesday, 29. September 2010 16:00 hrs Odonien

What film producer would not love to cast Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Viggo Mortensen, and Josh Brolin in one of his projects? What concert promoter would not love to put Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Eddie Vedder on the same stage? Howard Zinn only had to ask, and they all heeded the call. The liberal historian, who died at the beginning of this year, rose to prominence in 1980, when his book »A People’s History of the United States« was published, which tells US history from the perspective of the poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged. A continuation of that book, THE PEOPLE SPEAK is an unusual combination of a history documentary with theatrical performances captured on film. Drawing on stock footage for illustrations, Zinn’s voice is guiding the audience through this alternative history of the United States. Again and again, actors and actresses as well as musicians cut in on the narrative: filmed in a theater, they recite letters, pamphlets, speeches, and songs from the period referred to just before. What emerges is a vivid account of the multi-faceted struggle against injustice and inequality over the past two centuries of US history.

Chris Moore, Anthony Arnove, Howard Zinn
Anthony Arnove, Howard Zinn
Based on the book
A People’s History of the United States by
Tony Sacco
Yesenia Higuera, Jon Berry
Production Design
Mercedes Younger
David Baerwald, Toni Berg
Bruce Nyznick
Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Casey Affleck, Viggo Mortensen, Morgan Freeman, Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson, Marisa Tomei, Sandra Oh, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen
Dan Abrams, Ara Katz, Art Spigel, David Johnson, Craig Roessler, Jesse Singer, Carolyn Mugar, Jodie Evans, Max Palevsky
Executive Producers
Josh Brolin, Matt Damon, Chris Moore, Anthony Arnove, Howard Zinn, Tony Sacco, Fred Goldring, Lisa Smith, Nancy Dubuc, David McKillop, Russ McCarroll
The People Speak, Artfire Films

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