The Prisoner

Mini-Series | GBR 2009 | 6x45' | OV

  • Tuesday, 28. September 2010 18:00 hrs Odonien

An elaborate production with a strong cast, this is a remake of the British cult series THE PRISONER, or NUMBER 6, as it was known on the air in Germany in 1969. Created by Patrick McGoohan, who also played the starring role, the original series was not only one of the best surreal mystery programs of all time, but also a trailblazing achievement in non-linear storytelling, and groundbreaking for having the courage to leave out an elucidating resolution to the story. In the British-American remake, James Caviezel (THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST) plays the eponymous hero who suddenly and inexplicably finds himself in a strange and outlandish world. The only place that exists here is THE VILLAGE, a bucolic 1950’s setting of sorts that appears arrested in time, with something just not quite right about it. Instead of being called by their names, all people here are referred to by numbers. Played by the delightful Ian »Gandalf« McKellen, the mysterious Number 2 is pulling the strings in the background.

in cooperation with ZDFneo

Nick Hurran
Bill Gallagher
Florian Hoffmeister
Yan Miles, Paul Garrick
Production Design
Michael Pickwoad
Rupert-Gregson Williams
Principal Cast
James Caviezel, Hayley Atwell, Ruth Wilson, Ian McKellan
Trevor Hopkins, Lance Samuels
Executive Producers
Michele Buck, Bill Gallagher, Rebecca Keane, Damien Timmer, Christina Wayne
Granada International, ITV Productions, ITV 1, Out of Africa Entertainment

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