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  • Thursday, 30. September 2010 17:00 hrs Odonien

Martin Amis is full of praise for the BBC film based on his famous 1984 novel, »Money«.” Writing in the Guardian, he expresses particular appreciation for the film’s approximation of his authorial voice. With Tom Wolfe’s »The Bonfire of the Vanities« and Bret Easton Ellis’ »Less Than Zero«, Amis’ »Money« stands as one of the great novels in the English language dealing with the hedonism and greed of the 1980s. »Money doesn’t mind if we say it’s evil«, it says early on in the book, »it goes from strength to strength« – a subject that remains as relevant as ever in times of the financial crisis. The story centers on TV commercial director John Self, a Londoner who comes to New York to make big money as a feature film director. He is played by Nick Frost, thus far better known to German audiences as Simon Pegg’s co-star in films like SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ. MAD MEN cast member Vincent Kartheiser turns in a brilliant performance as a sleazy movie producer. 80’s revival fans in particular will have a ball with this: the sets and costumes could have been lifted straight out of an old Duran Duran music video.

Jeremy Lovering
Tom Butterworth, Chris Hurford
Based on
the novel by Martin Amis
Ben Smithard
Simon Epstein, Russell Jeffery
Principal Cast
Nick Frost, Vincent Kartheiser, Emma Pierson, Jerry Hall
Ben Evans
Executive Producer
Ruth Caleb

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