The Redemption of General Butt Naked

Documentary | USA 2011 | 84' | Subtitled English

By his own account, his troops have killed 20,000 people in the Liberian civil war under his command. The name “General Butt Naked” was bestowed on him because he stripped down whenever he entered a fight – this way, he considered himself invincible. However, Joshua Milton Blahyi claims he has quit that life for good. He has become an evangelical cleric today. He now preaches charity with the same zeal he used to have for murder. Indeed, he also acts on his words: Blahyi seeks out the bereaved who mourn his victims and asks for forgiveness. Documentary filmmakers Daniele Anastasion and Eric Strass have followed the former mass murderer to church, on his quest for penance, and before the Liberian war crimes tribunal. The film makes clear that Blahyi’s charisma not only enabled him to become a feared military leader, but also a successful preacher. But how believable is his transformation from Saul to Paul?

Eric Strauss,Daniele Anastasion
Ryan Hill,Peter Hutchens,Eric Strauss
Jeremy Siefer
Justin Melland
Eric Strauss,Daniele Anastasion
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