The City Dark

Documentary | USA 2011 | 84' | OV

  • Monday, 26. September 2011 18:00 hrs Odonien

In his rural home in Maine documentary filmmaker Ian Cheney was used to have a clear night sky full of stars above him. When he comes to New York City we can see him search the sky in puzzlement: No stars. It’s too bright. THE CITY DARK took Cheney on a global journey in search of darkness: from the cityscapes of Brooklyn and Chicago via the Arizona desert to the mountains of Hawaii. What do we lose when we lose the night? Cheney meets top scientists and enthusiastic amateur astronomers that have to take longer and longer rides in order to find some darkness. He examines the effect of this »light pollution« on UFO sightings and killer asteroids, on the breeding cycles of sea turtles and the orientation of birds, on cancer risks and crime statistics. With the help of ambient trance music, simple animations and breathtaking astro-photography Cheney crafts an image of our civilization that is melancholy yet never sentimental, and a documentary that is based in science yet still romantic and emotional.


Ian Cheney
Ian Cheney, Taylor Gentry
Lindsey Plumb, Frederick Shanahan
Barbara Parks
Simon Beins, Benjamin Fries
Ian Cheney, Colin Cheney, Julia Marchesi, Tamara Rosenberg

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