Between Two Cities

TV-Movie | CH 2011 | 92' | Subtitled English

In the industrial city of Zhuhai, crammed in between Macao and Hong Kong, young Hong has lost her job and all hopes for a glittering big-city life. She wants to return to her home town in the mountains, but she can’t afford the trip. And friendly Zhuang, her hope and old flame, is away on a smuggling mission to the Philippines. So Hong let her ambitious friend Li set her up with the rich Mr. Zhong, who quickly falls in love with the young woman. But over the course of several years the fate of this little group of people between the two cities is taking unexpected turns. The romantic coastal city of Zhuhai with its bays serves as a picturesque backdrop to this ensemble drama. But BETWEEN TWO CITIES also unadornedly depicts the abject fate of the country population streaming into the big cities – without money for a return ticket, with a malevolent bureaucracy waiting for them and with marriage as the only means of social mobility. With this sensitive, complex drama director Wang Yi grants a look at the mostly unknown Chinese television culture.

Wang Yi
Na An
Liu Hongguang
Li Hai Long, Wang Yi
Wang Dan
Fan Chong
Principal Cast
Cheng Yi, Huang Kangnin
Na An, Liu Xin, Sun Xiaohan

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