TV-Series | USA 2010 | 58' | OV

The Gallagher family consists of six children, from 18-year-old Fiona to toddler Liam. Together they live in an extra-desolate neighborhood and get by on profanities, petty crimes and a lot of gallows humor, because their father Frank is an alcoholic only showing up sporadically to turn the socially awkward situation into sheer chaos. But then Fiona meets the charming Steve, who has one or two secrets himself…
Paul Abbott transports his own social sitcom – already a smash hit in the UK – into the infamous South Side of Chicago without loosing any edge: In the first episode alone we witness swearing infants, underage blowjobs and adult binge drinking – and despite all that, SHAMELESS manages to be loving, funny and truthful about all that. The astonishing cast of young actors under the auspices of Emmy Rossum takes the title literally and doesn’t pull any punches – but also stars like William H. Macy or Joan Cusack let go of all shame with undeniable pleasure.