ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel

  • Wednesday, 28. September 2011 18:00 hrs Odonien

»Participatory Drama«, »Interactive Whodunnit«, »Cross-Media-Project«, »Intertainment« – a host of different concepts can be used to describe WHO WILL SAVE DINA FOXX?. Initiated by »Das Kleine Fernsehspiel« of ZDF in collaboration with the development editors for New Media (Zentralredaktion), this vibrant project has given rise to a new format on the cusp between television and internet. The story of the young data-activist, Dina Foxx, accused of murdering her boyfriend, is introduced in a TV-film which comes to an abrupt end – at the most exciting moment – leading to a three-week long internet game, in which viewers solve the mystery online. In the course of their investigations, participants/users not only learn and experience how digital technology is increasingly influencing people’s lives, they also discover the intrinsic dangers, and opportunities, that reside in the technological world. All the elements of the plot were developed and produced for TV and internet simultaneously. TV and internet are thus inseparably interconnected in this crime-story. At the presentation we show the TV-movie, introduce the online-part and take a look behind the scenes of cross-media-storytelling.