Getting Lost and Found in Transmedia

  • Thursday, 29. September 2011 19:00 hrs

The Cologne Conference invites you to the kunstbar to embark on a transmedial journey. After a small reception hosted by the Montreux Comedy Festival, the audience will join former MTV VJ Steve Blame on an autobiographical trip as he reads from his book, »Getting Lost is Part of the Journey«. Where Steve Blame gets lost, observers will find themselves looking behind the scenes of the media industry, and will find things to be learned about the ups and downs of the music business in Blame’s account of his experiences and in his anecdotes about pop stars and starlets. Of course, for any cult figure like Steve Blame, visual backup is a must. Inspired by the book, Florian Neugart (oh!chapeau) has created a series of dedicated paintings to complement the reading.
Flo’s individual, personal art mixes abstract expressionism with elements of pop art. Letters, words, descriptions, slogans, and characteristics play a vital role in Flo’s paintings. Audience members may want to engage in an interactive analysis to identify the keywords and catch phrases Steve uses most frequently in his book. Will »sex« outrank »love«? Will »death« prevail over »life«? And most importantly: how much does Cologne mean to Steve?

The reading will be followed by a presentation of the EXPOSURE ACTION AS INTRODUCED BY VERBIER, a novel therapeutic method that ostensibly enables a patient to heal him- or herself – all by means of viral self-expression on the net. Leading talk therapist Dr. Hanno Verbier and his patient, Gert Sacher, have already risen to considerable fame due to the video clips of therapy sessions they have uploaded. The doctor and his patient will be present live on stage, and will use film samples to showcase this revolutionary online psychotherapy approach, which is designed not only to enlighten and to entertain the online audience, but also to encourage viewers to follow suit and participate. Verbier and Sacher will also introduce, a website that successfully merges internet, film, and psychotherapy into an all-new market segment: »psychotainment«.