Der letzte Weynfeldt

TV-Movie | DE, CH 2010 | 88' | OV

DER LETZTE WEYNFELDT is Grimme award winner Alain Gsponer’s second film adaptation of a Martin Suter bestseller. Following the theatrical success of LILA, LILA he now takes on Suter’s sixth novel, »Der letzte Weynfeldt« (The Last Weynfeldt), in a production for ZDF and Swiss network SRF. The film tells the story of an affluent, upper crust art expert in Zurich whose well-ordered bachelor’s life is upset by a femme fatale. A man in his mid-50s, Adrian Weynfeldt drops into a bar one day looking for an olive for his martini. This is where he makes the acquaintance of beautiful Lorena. She spends the night with him. On the next morning, he finds her on his balcony on the wrong side of the balustrade. Weynfeldt keeps her from going through with her suicide attempt. The outcome: from that day on, she places all responsibility for her life on him – and gives him a proper fleecing. The great Marie Bäumer’s Lorena is part femme fatale, part woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

In co-operation with Network Movie and ZDF

Alain Gsponer
Alex Buresch
Adaptation from the novel »Der letzte Weynfeldt«
Martin Suter
Matthias Fleischer
Gion Reto Killias
Tom Weber
Lionel Vincent Baldenweg, Diego Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg
Ruth Hirschfeld
Principal Cast
Stefan Kurt, Marie Bäumer, Nicholas Ofczarek
Executive Producers
Prof. Dr. Peter Nadermann, Anne Walser
Sigrid Strohmann
Commissioning Editors
Klaus Bassiner (ZDF), Wolfgang Feindt(ZDF), Maya Fahrni (SF), Peter Studhalter (SF)
Network Movie, C-Films

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