Congjiang Cultural Mapping

Format | CH 2011 | Subtitled English

The CHINA UNTAPPED documentary series tries to show the »real« China with its traditional culture not yet touched by modern civilization. US born presenter Michael Bueckers leads the viewers of SH TV in half-hour episodes to the forgotten or hard to reach places in this massive country, capturing the breathtaking landscapes, the ethnic minorities and the cultural traditions. From bullfighting to the local cuisine. In this episode he visits the Congjian region in the Guizhou province in the southwestern inland, where the United Nations Educational Organization Unseco has started a »cultural mapping« program to cultivate and preserve the traditions of the various local cultures. This mixture of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and travel format introduces remote mountain villages and farming communities, but also takes a sensitive look at the everyday living conditions, the financial situation and the personal stories of the inhabitants.

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Lei Lin
Executive Producer
Zhu Xiaoqian
Jin Tao, Wang Jingwen
Jin Tao, Wang Jingwen
Li Xuegong
Jin Tao, Wang Jingwen
Li Xuegong
Yang Yang
Production Companies
International Channel Shanghai/Wings Media/Shanghai Media Group/UNESCO Beijing Office

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