Expo Adventure

TV-Movie | CH 2011 | 85' | Subtitled English

Young peasant boy Sihai is envious of his best friend, who was taken to visit the Shanghai Expo. When Sihai promises his dead mother in a dream that he will light the famous Sky Lantern in the Taiwan pavilion in her memory, it is decided: He takes his collected money and makes his way to Shanghai. But while he enthusiastically strolls over the massive fair and gets to know strange cultures and nice people, has good-for-nothing father is already hot on his heels… This stylishly edited children’s TV feature uses droll animation sequences, funny sound effects and buffoonish supporting actors to dress its young audience. The Expo sequences and the closing titles sometimes borer on infotainment, but symbolize a new desire for exploring strange cultures, trying out new ideas on your own and making your own experiences. It’s a film that hand in hand with the younger Chinese generation discovers the world with their eyes wide open.

Best of Drama

Xin Qiu, Peter Ye
Executive Producers
Liang Chen, Peter Ye
Yi Cui, Wei Zhu
Hongfei Shen, Weiyi Jin
Wei Zhou, Jin Xu
Lei Zhen, Chengjie Yuan
Jie Wei
Yang Yang
Production Design
Hai Huang, Yilei Huang
Jin Chen, Estelle Tan
Principal Cast
Ziyang Lai, Jiahui Wang, Haidong Xie
Production Companies
Shanghai Media Group/Shanghai Yingda Cultural Media Co. Ltd.

International Sales

Shanghai Media Goup
298 Weihai Road
Shanghai 200041